Shin-zilla Crew neck

Shin-zilla Crew neck

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made from 100% super heavy weight organic cotton all picked in California then we took the sweaters and ran them through a special enzyme wash to soften the fabric and give them a vintage look! then we took our shin-zilla graphic and screen printed it, creating one of the coolest looking sweaters this season! 

  Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
S 281/4 in. 203/8in. 241/8 in.
M 283/8 in. 223/8 in. 245/8 in.
L 281/2 in. 243/8 in. 251/8 in.
XL 285/8 in. 263/8 in. 255/8 in.
2XL 283/4 in. 283/8 in. 26 1/8 in.

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